Commencement and graduation information for master’s candidates can be found here. Please follow the steps to ensure your application is processed in time for the SOJC commencement.

Step 1: Register for Thesis/Terminal Project

Register for at least three terminal project (J609) or thesis (J503) credits (a total of six project credits or nine thesis credits is required to graduate). You should have a proposal approved by your advisor/chair before registering.

Step 2: Submit Thesis/Terminal Project

Information about thesis and terminal projects can be found on our Thesis/Terminal Project Information page. Terminal Projects are submitted to the SOJC Graduate Coordinator and are NOT submitted to the Graduate School. Once received by the SOJC Graduate Coordinator terminal projects are sent electronically to the Graduate School and eventually stored in Scholars’ Bank.

Step 3: Apply For Degree

By the second week of the term you intent to graduate apply for your degree. The SOJC Graduate Coordinator will be notified of your application and do a progress report to make sure you’ve met SOJC requirements. If you are deficient an e-mail will be sent to you and your chair/advisor.

Let SOJC Graduate Coordinator know:

  • Who is on your committee (or we can’t process your degree application and you won’t graduate),
  • If you are applying for an M.A.* how you intend to satisfy the foreign language requirement.


Arrange the date with your committee and then submit the online scheduling form.

MA or MS

The Master of Arts degree requires proficiency in a second language. The second-language requirement may be met in one of the following ways:

  1. Completion of at least the third term, second year of a second-language course taught in the language, with a grade of C- or P or better taken within seven years of earning the master’s degree.
  2. Satisfactory completion of an examination administered by the UO Testing Center.
  3. For students whose native language is not English this requirement is automatically met.

The Master of Science degree has no foreign language requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: If you applied for the MA and do not meet the requirement above, please contact the Graduate School ASAP at ( to change to an MS.

It is understood that you have been working with your chair/advisor throughout this final term (after having submitted and had approved a terminal project/thesis proposal at least by the previous term), giving them drafts, editing as you go, etc. By the time of your final defense/presentation you should come away from that with only minor edits.

Send the final, edited electronic terminal project to your chair/advisor. They will send it to the Graduate Programs Assistant ( electronically. This will serve as their approval.


Thesis – check deadlines, specific formatting and submission requirements with the Graduate School.

Terminal Projects:

Proposal Approval: term preceding graduation term

Apply for Degree: through the Graduate School by Friday of week two

Last day for Presentation of Terminal Project: last day of week nine

This gives you one week to make final edits and any changes to have it delivered back to your chair by:

Last day to submit electronic version of project to chair/advisor: last day of week ten.

Commencement Ceremony

Up-to-date information about the SOJC commencement ceremony, including:

  • How to apply for your degree
  • How to participate in the ceremony
  • Program information
  • Cap and gown details