The following forms are for graduate students only.

Graduate Course Preauthorization Request
Complete this form when you need “instructor” or “departmental” preauthorization to register for an SOJC graduate course.

Graduate Conference Travel Funding Request
Complete this form to request conference travel funding.

Graduate Research Funding Request
Requests must be approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee before beginning research and must be submitted by the 5th week of the term.

GE Duties and Expectations Form
Meet with the GE supervisor/course instructor during the first week of the term to complete this form.

 J604 Internship Tracking Form
Complete this form when an SOJC faculty member has agreed to serve as the instructor for your credit.

Thesis/Project/Dissertation Proposal Approval Form
Complete this form when requesting thesis/project/dissertation approval.

Thesis/Project/Dissertation Defense Scheduling Form
Complete this form when submitting thesis/project/dissertation defense information.

Faculty GE Evaluation Form
Form for faculty to evaluate GE performance.

*Additional UO graduate school forms are available on the graduate school academic forms page.