These forms and resources are for undergraduate students only. All requests are reviewed by SOJC Student Services at least once a week. The Undergraduate Program Coordinator will email you confirming your request has been received. If approved, your request will then be sent on to the Registrar’s office for processing.

Note: It can take up to two weeks for changes to show up in your student record.

Application Process

Step 1

Pre-Major Application Form

Application includes your choice of Pre-Advertising, Pre-Journalism, Pre-Media Studies and Pre-Public Relations. A minimum UO GPA of 2.00 is required.

Step 2

Apply for full major status in Journalism, Advertising, Media Studies and/or Public Relations

This application is due the last day of the term you complete your final pre-major requirement(s). The application will remain pending until grades are released. To be accepted to the SOJC, you need to complete the pre-journalism core classes and have at least a 2.90 UO GPA. If you do not meet the GPA requirement, you can petition for full major status.

Online Forms

Add/Drop Full Major Sequence
Use this form if you are already a full major in the school and would like to add or drop another SOJC major. Using this form means you’ll still retain at least one major in the SOJC.

Drop all Major/Pre-Major in SOJC from Student Record
Use this form to completely drop any major you have within the School of Journalism and Communication. Using this form means you do not wish to have any major within the SOJC.

Add/Drop Media Studies Minor
A minimum UO GPA of 2.00 is required to add the minor. This minor is not available to SOJC majors.

Downloadable Forms

Hardcopies of these forms are available in the Student Services Center, 134 Allen Hall.

Petition to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee
For students who wish to substitute a class and/or request a credit reduction. This petition applies to journalism school requirements only.

Internship Tracking Form
For full majors who wish to register for internship credit. The form must be filled out in consultation with your faculty adviser.

Individualized Study Form
For full majors who wish to register for independent study credit. The form must be filled out in consultation with the faculty member supervising the credit.

Undergraduate Travel Funding Request
For undergraduate students requesting travel funding.

Travel and Research Financial Aid Request
For students requesting to be reimbursed through financial aid for travel and research expenses.