Media Studies Minor

The Media Studies minor provides an overview of mass communication and requires 24 credits from the classes listed below. You must have at least a 2.00 UO GPA to apply to the minor. All minor courses must be taken graded and passed with a “C” grade or higher. You may not take minor courses pass/no pass. This minor is not available to majors in the School of Journalism and Communication.

Required courses (8 credits/2 courses). Both courses are typically offered every term:

  • J201 Media and Society
  • J314 Intro to Media Studies

Elective courses (choose 16 credits/4 courses). Most courses have J201 as a prerequisite:

  • J320 Gender, Media and Diversity
  • J340 Principles of Advertising
  • J350 Principles of Public Relations
  • J385 Communication Law
  • J387 Media History
  • J396 International Communication
  • J397 Media Ethics
  • J411M US Film Industry (Formerly a J412 course. Do not take if you have taken J412 US Film Industry)
  • J412 Issues in Communication Studies [Topic]*
  • J467 Issues in International Communication [Topic]*
  • J496 Issues in Communication Ethics & Law [Topic]*

*These are special topics courses. Course titles offered within each “topic” will vary. These courses are repeatable three times if the topics have different titles.